Qantas Approved Maths Course



This course has been designed primarily as a bridging course for candidates that fall short of the mathematical requirements for the Airline industry. Course design is predominantly focused on QANTAS candidates that do not have the mathematics prerequisite for direct entry – that require the NSW HSC Mathematics standard. The standard required was known previously as the 2 unit Mathematics course (or state equivalent)

This course is deemed to be an approved equivalent course for those candidates.

The June course is now successfully finished – all applicants passedNext course start date: …………..19 October 2009

Please note – a minimum number of applicants is required before the course can be confirmed.

Course duration is 2 weeks.

A deposit is required to secure your seat. This is refunded if the course does not have sufficient applicants to proceed.


Qantas Approved English Course

On hold – due to airline pilot demand decline


GPS Enroute/RNAV Course

This Course includes theory and a practical test. This is usually a one day course depending on numbers. These courses are conducted on demand.

At present practical assessment is based around the Garmin 430/530 or KLN 89B units. Other GPS units may be used to suit individual requirements.