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How to Become a Flight Attendant in Australia

Become a flight attendant image by by Country Capital FlightDo you love traveling to different places in search of new adventures, memories and exploits? Do you dream of visiting various locations across the globe and making money while you are at it? Then, here is some good news for you. That dream can come true by becoming a flight attendant in Australia.

A professional career as a flight attendant or cabin crew is very popular among people who love to travel. However, becoming one is certainly easier said than done. You should have the necessary education, trainings, and even physical characteristics to be considered for this position.

Air Hostess/Flight Attendant Jobs

Becoming a flight attendant is one of the most prestigious careers in the employment scene today, whether within or outside of Australia. In fact, statistics shows that employment for such jobs has increased by 30.4 percent over the course of 5 years. In that span of time, the number of attendants who were employed is about 900, including those who work full-time or part-time.

However, being a flight attendant is not a simple job. You do not just work for a particular company – you represent the airline, and oftentimes, your own country while on duty. The flight attendant position is considered as a member of the plane’s cabin crew.

Cabin crews are personnel that are in charge of the cabin, or the location where the passengers are located, as opposed to flight crews, which consist of pilots and co-pilots.

Flight attendants, or commonly known as a flight steward or stewardess, take care of the passengers on board, making sure that all of their needs and concerns are addressed. In addition, they also provide instructions and guides to ensure that everyone knows how to use emergency equipment. In long flights, they also serve meals or snacks depending on what the airline offers.

But contrary to popular belief, attendants do not just sit back, relax, smile at passengers, and answer questions. They do a lot of work each flight, and so they must undergo rigorous trainings and extensive courses. Here are just some of the tasks they must do:

  • Assist passengers before take off, making sure that they locate the right seats.
  • Ensure bags are secured inside storage compartments.
  • Brief passengers about safety measures and precautions.
  • Demonstrate how to use safety gear and equipment in emergency situations.
  • Make sure that all passengers have fastened their seatbelts before takeoff or landing.
  • Prepare and serve meals and snacks for passengers.
  • Provide items that are needed by passengers.

Meanwhile, there are also some skills that are necessary for a flight attendant in order to fulfill his or her job properly and effectively.

  1. Always pays attention to details – A member of the cabin crew should be meticulous in the sense that every minor detail should be addressed and taken care of.
  2. Top-notch customer service qualities –As an attendant, he or she will always have deal with different people, with different backgrounds, countries, and from all walks of life. The attendant should be able to showcase immense patience.
  3. Organisation in performing functions –There is always a specific way of doing things for a flight attendant. Greetings, demonstrations, and certain services should be done pleasantly and in order.
  4. Ability to manage time –As enumerated above, there are a lot of things that flight attendants have to do for plane passengers. Because of this, they should be very strict when it comes to time management.
  5. Ability to apply first aid –Certain emergency situations may arise during the flight such as an injury caused by falling baggage, a passenger’s health condition, or the delivery of a baby by a pregnant passenger. In such situations, flight attendants should be knowledgeable how to handle the situation.

Flight Attendant Course

As you can see, flight attendants have a lot of things they have to do every time they fly. But still, they are able to keep a composed, calm and fresh demeanor each and every time. Even in a long flight, you will notice that they still look good. However, they are not born with these abilities – they just learned them in training and while taking up flight attendant courses.

Fortunately, there are various institutions in Australia that offer flight attendant and cabin crew courses. Take note that these institutions do not offer subpar quality of education. They make sure that their students are hired by the best airlines in the business.

Some airline companies also have their own courses and trainings for cabin crew aspirants. This is because they want to make sure that the attendants they will hire do not only have an impressive resume, but have also undergone proper training. Unfortunately, training in such institutions may be more expensive than others.

If you are looking for a particular institution that offers flight attendant courses, make sure that it is licensed by the government, and trusted by airline companies in Australia. You will undergo trainings and other physical screenings before you complete your course, or before getting hired.

Flight Attendant Salary

Cabin crews in general have competitive salaries, which is also one of the reasons why flight attendants are a coveted position, not just in Australia, but across the world. According to Open Education Australia, the average salary for attendants ranges between AU$50,000 to AU$65,000 per annum. This is the expected salary for full-time attendants who work for about 35 hours every week. Part-time employees get a fraction of this salary range.

This salary range is based on a number of factors:

  • Seniority –Attendants who have supervisory positions naturally get paid bigger salaries.
  • Skill level–Skills, abilities and other credentials are also checked for the company to decide how much an employee should be paid.
  • Experience–Some attendants do not need to be on a higher position to have a bigger salary. Members of the cabin crew who have been with the company for a longer period of time are often recognised by the management.
  • Employer–Different airline companies offer different rates to their employees.

Becoming A Flight Attendant

Now that you have a bird’s eye view of what it takes to be a flight attendant, you should now decide for yourself whether you want to take this journey, and be able to live your dreams, or settle for a more conventional job in an office.

If you’re still reading this, then perhaps you are eager to know the step-by-step guidelines in becoming a flight attendant.

  • Finish a flight attendant course or training – Needless to say, this training and formal education will determine whether you will succeed in this career.
  • Undergo additional trainings and seminars – Doing this will add not only knowledge, but also credentials to be considered for the position.
  • Apply –Take note that certain companies have their own recruitment process. Some conduct initial video interviews, and then invite the applicant to their ‘recruitment day’ where you can demonstrate your skills.
  • Process and submit the necessary documents – During your application, you should bring IDs, your passport, a comprehensive CV, education and training documents and certificates, a list of references, and full-length photos of you wearing a business attire. This list of ‘things to bring’ varies for each company.
  • Undergo any additional security checks – Airline companies want to ensure that they are not hiring someone affiliated with any terrorist group, and so you will need to undergo security and background checks.
  • Undergo pre-medical examinations – These examinations will make sure that you are fit to go to different places, and you have a strong immune system to fight any usual diseases that passengers may have.
  • Prepare to relocate –Relocation is very important if you want to become a flight attendant. In most positions, you will be asked to identify the base airport you want to be in. Once you’re hired, you need to relocate near this base where you will live with other flight attendants as a group.
  • Live your dreams – Now that you have become an attendant, you can travel to different places, both within Australia and abroad, and get paid while doing it.

The life of a flight attendant is not easy. While you get to enjoy the different places you visit every time you fly, it also takes a strong mind to fight homesickness, and a healthy body to be able to withstand jetlag on a weekly basis.

In terms of keeping yourself in shape and ready for your next flight, applying makeup should be second nature, and you should prevent foods and dishes with strong odors. Always make sure to wear your uniform properly, avoid hair color, and do not get tattoos or any additional piercings.

While looking good should be one of your specialties, you should not stand out from the crowd. And finally, always keep yourself fit and healthy so your body is prepared for any untoward incidents and emergencies.

Being a flight attendant is not just a job; it is a label and status that people all over the world admire and respect.


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