Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL)

PPL: The private pilots licence (PPL) is our general flying licence for the recreational pilot.

This licence will enable you to carry passengers and give you the freedom to fly to most destinations within Australia

Our PPL courses can be tailored to suit your requirements. If you just wish to fly weekends or if you want to fly everyday, we usually can cater for your needs. We can use your own aircraft if you wish.

As an extension to your PPL, we can also conduct;

  • Night and
  • Private Instrument Ratings (PIFR).
  • Command Instrument Ratings (CIR)

If your looking to move into bigger faster aircraft we can conduct your multi engine endorsement.

Tamworth Airport is a controlled, towered airport like that found in major cities. This provides a safe and professional platform to conduct your training.

All of our PPL training is conducted in our Piper Warrior aircraft – a 4 seater single engine aircraft that cruises at 105 knots – and ideal for the task.
CPL: The Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL ) is required for anyone wanting to receive remuneration from their flying. The CPL allows you to gain employment and income within the industry. The CPL is also a prerequisite for the Flight Instructors Rating (FIR).

The CPL requires a minimum of 170 hours flying time 70 of which must be in command. You also require the experience of faster more powerful aircraft and for this reason when you are getting close to the required command hours, we upgrade you to the Cessna 172 RG Cutlass

To obtain the CPL requires a lot of study and hard work. It is suggested that you fly as much as possible so the knowledge is always fresh in your mind (this may mean you require less instruction later on). When your are not flying you should be preparing for you next flight or studying for your next test, it should be treated like any tertiary degree.

Talk to the Company to find out how to do your CPL GST free! The tax office does require a commitment early in your training though.

More details – The above is a very simplified version of the facts. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) expand on the licencing requirements and career paths – this is recommended reading – however, caution with the costs and hours quoted. These are minimum hours, and rarely do persons obtain a licence or rating within these hours (particularly the GFPT and PPL).