At Country Capital Flight Centre we can train for the issue of the following ratings


Night VFR: Enables the holder of a PPL or higher to fly past sunset giving more freedom and less stress through restrictions on your flights


Private IFR: Allows the holder to fly in cloud or reduced visability, can be conducted with or without approach endorsements, we can conduct this in our Piper Warrior or Piper Twin Comanche


Multi Engine Endorsement: We offer endorsements on the Piper Comanche, Piper Chieftan/Navajo and the Cessna 310


Command Instrument Rating (CIR): Can be conducted in the Piper Warrior for single engine rating or the Piper Twin Comanche for a multi engine rating.

The rating includes the options of ADF, VOR, ILS, DME/GPS and RNAV(GNSS) approaches

Tamworth is an ideal place to conduct your CIR. Tamworth airport has the ILS, DME, RNAV(GNSS), VOR and ADF approaches available. With a number of nearby airstrips that also have instrument approaches you do not have to travel far to get the practice needed.

ICUS is often available on our Chieftan – You do need to have a current instrument rating and be endorsed on type.