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Understanding the Basics of Flight Attendant Training in Australia

Image of flight attendant training in australia by Country Capital FlightSo you want to become a member of a cabin crew or a flight attendant. You may be confident that you are good-looking, and you have a pleasing personality. However, those are not the only criteria in order to meet the qualifications for flight attendant.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, anyone who wants to pursue this career is highly recommended to undergo flight attendant online training. Most airline companies hold a special day where they carry out the recruitment process for applicants. During this day, applicants need to perform some tasks, particularly those that are related to safety and emergency situations. Applicants need to do these activities to show the company what they can do and bring to the team.

After the recruitment day, the airline company will decide which ones were able to pass the criteria, and would proceed to the next step.

More Training

Training for flight attendant will then begin, this time under the supervision of the company itself. Training usually begins with lectures and seminars about the following:

  • Aviation first aid measures to be conducted in the event of an injury
  • Customer service guidelines to ensure courtesy and patience towards passengers
  • Problem management tips in handling different situations and scenarios
  • Safety and emergency procedures and preventing panic from spreading

Once you finish these lectures, you will have to undergo the more hands-on activities and exercises to test your physical limitations. Some companies require attendants to be able to lift a certain weight, swim a specific area, and even deal with live fire in a simulator. All of these exercises and tests are needed so that flight attendants will be prepared whatever hits them during the actual flight.

After completing these trainings, you will receive evaluation so you can work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths.

Now that you are aware of the recruitment process, you may begin your aviation career by completing the requirements for flight attendant. Some of the most important qualities and certifications you should have include:

  • RSA (responsible service of alcohol) certification – This is important because most airline companies serve alcoholic beverages to their passengers.
  • Senior first aid certificate – This will assure the company that you are not only knowledgeable about first aid, but you can actually perform and illustrate how to administer such treatment.
  • Proven track record in customer service–This is another proof that you can handle the pressure of dealing with different people.
  • Excellent body fitness–A healthy and strong body is essential to be able to work on varying schedules, including weekends and holidays.

In addition, some companies give priority to applicants who are knowledgeable in speaking foreign languages. These languages are often the mother tongue of certain plane destinations and routes. If you previously studied foreign languages but you don’t think you can handle an ordinary conversation easily, then improve your skill because it can be a crucial factor in your application.

Trainings for flight attendant are definitely tiring and will push your body to the limits. In terms of knowledge in the aviation industry, you should also be one step ahead of your competition. That is why you should undergo and take up flight attendant courses online.

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