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What Are the Different Flight Attendant Requirements I Should Meet?

Image of flight attendant requirements by Country Capital FlightMost people who love to travel face one or both of these two problems: not enough money to go to the places they want to visit; not enough time because they are busy with work and other stuff. Fortunately, there is a way around this sad fact of life – become a flight attendant.

Being a flight attendant is a dream come true for a lot of travel lovers who do not just want to go places, but earn a living while doing it. Also called flight stewards and stewardesses, attendants always represent their airline company and always greet passengers with a smile.

However, greeting and smiling are not the only things flight attendants do. In fact, you may be surprised that it takes a lot of patience and hard work to land and succeed in flight attendant careers.

First Things First

If you are interested in becoming a member of a cabin crew for an airline company, you should know that there are certain requirements you have to fulfill. The list of requirements varies from company to company, although there are certain qualities that employers search for in their applicants.

  • Physical Qualities –This may be a turn off to some, but appearance is definitely something that airline companies look for when evaluating flight attendant applicants. You cannot blame them because they are searching for individuals who can represent the company, and a pleasing personality is preferred. In addition, there may also be some height requirements for both men and women. It is also imperative that an applicant has excellent health and fit to fly.
  • Skills –There may be some cases wherein employers would choose to forgo the first factor in favor of an impressive set of skills. These are not just simple skills, and would require the individual to finish the relevant flight attendant course or training. Airline companies also look for certifications for certain skills such as responsible alcohol service and first aid.
  • Experience –The most important experience that airline recruiters want to see is customer service. As a flight attendant, you will be dealing with people and their problems, and if you easily become impatient, then this is not the position for you. You have to prove that you are capable of handling such pressure, and showing them previous experience in customer service is a good step forward.
  • Documents –Most airlines will require you to bring your CV or resume so make sure you to stuff it with everything related to becoming a flight attendant – skills, education, trainings, seminars, etc. You may also be asked to bring a full body photo of you wearing business attire. Additionally, prepare photocopies of your birth and training certificates to be included in your application. Finally, make a list of references that the company may contact to inquire about your education and work experience.

Make Your Move Now

These are just some of the most common requirements to become a flight attendant. If you are still interested in pursuing this career, but you are afraid that you cannot fulfill all the flight attendant requirements, there are institutions that can help.

Flight Attendant Courses is an online education institution that trains and teaches individuals who aspire to build their careers in the aviation industry. Whether you want to work as an airline customer service and hospitality officer, a plane attendant, or a part of a cabin crew, Flight Attendant Courses can guide you every step of the way. It offers flight attendant online training to ensure that you can finish the course even if you are committed to another job.


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